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An innovative method.

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Our numbers


average of the values of
operations in millions

1,5 thousand

average units
sold in Brazil
and in the USA


145 brands formatted in Brazil

145 franchisors in Brazil were formatted by our team. In this year of 2023, another 10 brands will be selected by December. We invest up to 50% of the value in these formats to start expanding these brands after their launch in January 2024.

3 brands formatted in USA

This year 5 more brands will be selected until December

2 brands formatted in Europe

This year, 2023, we will select two more brands in Europe to be formatted and evolve these brands in the franchising system

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Franchising segment

Transforming the world market

Selection of brands for franchising systems - The franchise networks that are part of Ponto do Franchising are carefully selected by a team of specialists in mergers and acquisitions of companies in this sector. We invest in brands with a business model that are present in promising sectors of the world economy.

Entrepreneurs - We believe that the success of our businesses depends on committed and passionate founders leading the day-to-day activities of the companies. Our franchising companies are founded and managed by leaders who are 100% dedicated to franchise networks.

Support for franchisors Through constant training and support, we invest in the qualification of franchisors and employees of our networks, so that they can perform better with the franchisees of each brand, making the brands formatted and expanded by PONTO DO FRANCHISING more successful than the others existing franchises that are not part of our portfolio of brands.

Support for expansion and management of franchised units - We value transparency and good management at all levels of our business, from franchisors to their franchisees, we are committed to the success of the business so that our networks in our portfolio are differentiated. Through well-defined indicators and goals, and efficient systems, we help our franchisor partners and their franchisees to improve their results through constant support in all departments of the formatted franchises, in addition to support to the franchisor itself regarding the formatting team that are accredited in their brand and will be the support team for their franchisees, so that each brand is born with a team of more than 32 employees in various segments, highly prepared and qualified to support franchisees of brands formatted in the franchising system.

Ready-made franchisor structure for formatted brands - Every franchisor structure for formatted franchise expansion is ready with PONTO DO FRANCHISING. Offices in the best addresses in São Paulo in Brazil and Miami in Florida/USA, defined expansion plan with launch of the brand in franchise fairs and market specialists available to brands to achieve the expansion objective defined at the time of formatting each brand .

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What do we do

We are a franchisor of franchisors with offices in Brazil and the USA, with more than 145 brands formatted and marketed over 30 years in franchising.

​We format BRANDS for the Brazil/USA franchising system, we take care of brand expansion in Brazil and the USA, we train future franchisors to understand this new universe and the challenges of becoming a franchisor, we have a team ready to support franchisees of each formatted brand, both in the inauguration and launch of the brand and in the sales of the first units with office structure in the main addresses of São Paulo, Brazil and Florida / USA.

If your business has expansion potential and is approved by our group of investors, we invest 50% in the process of formatting your franchise, in addition to setting up 2 units of each approved business, after formatting, thus launching the franchise at fairs of franchises with 2 franchisees having approved the success of the business.

"The secret of progress is to start"

Mark Twain

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Our offices

16950 N BAY ROAD, #612, SUNNY SLAND-FL-33160 - Miami, Florida / EUA

Our offices in Brazil 

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